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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Day

I have so many balls in the air today I am the one snapping at Janeen.  I want her and Jack out of here so I can do all my behind the scenes work.  Today I scheduled myself to do a little retail shopping on line for Jack.  Life will be easier for all of us who will be watching him and at the same time taking care of Janeen.  That would be me!  So, since Janeen will be down for 6 weeks my head is already on the holidays.  Yep, so today I ordered Jack's halloween costume as I am sure a costume will be the furthest thing from Janeen's mind.  It's me thinking so far ahead that drives her crazy.  I feel someone has to do it right?  I also ordered a larger sand box with a canopy as now he uses a little blue plastic baby pool.  He's a big boy now.  Of course he needed a medical kit to carry to the hospital when he goes with me to visit.  This kid is going to crack the nurses and doctors up.  He also got one of those RED jumping balls.  I hope he jumps and jumps until he can't jump any longer then he'll be tired and he will sit quietly in the bar at Shutter' On The Beach while I attempt to unwind from the day of running back and forth from hospital to hotel etc.....Then he got his first painting easel, little art table with two chairs.This will stay home.  My sister (Suzi) is staying at my house for the first three days while I'm with Janeen to watch Jack.  He will make his own get well cards for his mommy and only God knows what else they will come up with.  Suzi is very creative and the sky is the limit.  I've always told Janeen since the day Jack was born that the best gifts from him will be the ones he makes himself.  ( Right now he gives her bling cuz Anni does his shopping,,,she doesn't complain.) I've ordered his fall/winter wardrobe.  He is growing like a weed and I'm not going to want to go shopping and Janeen will not be able to lift.  So now all will be delivered here and I will destribute the clothes to her house on an as needed bases.  There sure are cute boys clothes out there today. Gucci had a killer outfit (didn't buy it!) but I was so tempted. I feel very organized today and my new girl (Thelma) is working out just fine.

So we are all busy I still have loads of schedules to make up for all the folks who will be coming and going at my house during my absence.  No body knows each other, I wish I could be a fly on the wall.  They are suppose to come in and introduce themselves and relieve who ever is here.  If they have an opener to the gate and garage they are suppose to be here.  No opener call the police. Only 23 more days before we head out.  The master plan is falling in to place...months ago this was just one of my nightmares.  Now, not so bad.

Thank you God for my sanity.  No thank you God for everything!

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