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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I spoke to Dr. Granzow today. After speaking to him I sort of feel like I have minimized in my writing all that these amazing doctors did to me and for me. I still don't totally understand myself. I won't try to explain anymore than I have but they are amazing, remarkable men who are so smart and talented. He was telling me some stories of other patients and people come from all over to see him because so few doctors do what he does. I'm so fortunate he was on my team. I mean he wasn't bragging he was just sharing some incidences. I was asking that if I were to fall or get into an accident, what would happen? He and Dr. Orringer both said that most likely my transplanted tissue would be fine. That it has made it's own blood supply now so even if I was "unhooked" from the transplanted blood vessels, I would be fine. But told me to be careful anyway. You hear that Jack? Pick up your cars and blocks!!!! I also told him that I have stitches poking out the sides of my incision. They are like fishing line. I need to cut those so they can dissolve. Since I don't think I can reach, with scissors, I'll need Mom to do this for me tomorrow. Altough most mothers do, I do not have eyes in the back of my head just yet. I'm happy that he's still on my team and he'll be apart of my future surgeries. One doctor, usually who you see first, takes the lead and in my case this is Dr. Orringer. Dr. Granzow and Orringers techniques are almost identical but a few tweaks here and there and this is why I think they compliment each other so well. Dr. Orringer is so humble and so complimentary to every person he works with, it's a such a pleasure to have no ego trips with my doctors. Again, I keep saying it but I'm so lucky. It was nice to talk to him today. And again all I'm feeling is normal and will be with me fo quite awhile, so no need to beat it to death.

I did a few errands this moring while Mom took Jack to swim class and I was exhausted. I don't get to nap everyday, but I look forward to it. Otherwise, dinner, bath time & getting Jack down can be extremely trying. I'm uusally pretty spent by 3-4pm.

And how's this for 6 degrees of separation. There was a woman who befriended me at Jacks swim school one day when I was having a melt down because I had just had an EUS done to check my pancreas (you know the pancreatic cancer risk) and at that time they took a biopsy. I woke up from this procedure hearing the nurses talking about having to take a biopsy. So of course I freaked and you have to wait for what feels like an eternity for test results. So I guess it was a panic attack that day and I slipped outside the swim school and she came out after me to talk as our kids were with their instructors. Well mom saw her today and she asked how I was doing.....turns out she's best friends with one of my cousins and both families just spent some time together in the desert. Bizarre.

Sophie is good today. Her neurological work up is set for Thursday. Her head is still held high and eyes are still flickering. She sort of wimpers when I leave the room. I find myself reassuring her that I'm here. I believe she's fine but she knows something is clearly different. She's a trooper. This little girl was at the pet shop for 3 months and I was NOT looking for another dog at all and that day I walked out with her. She was meant for me and I was meant for her.

Jacks says it's dinner time, just I must go. And I did get a nap today so I'm good to go now! Have a great night.

Love, Janeen

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