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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What A Weekend.

We had a lot of plans this weekend. What we didn't expect was my 10 year old Pug Sophie admitted to critical care Saturday night.

Saturday started out fine. Mom and I hobbling along, taking Jack to the local fire station for their open house. He gets so excited when he sees a fire truck and he thinks they're all Rescue Mater, from CARS. He got a junior fire badge and a red plastic fire helmet. He ran all over the place; climbing on everything he could find as well as climbing up to the top of the truck where they have a driver in the back. He took his turn and boy did he love sitting up that high and he turned that wheel and pushed every button he could. He also sat on the back on one truck and of course had to touch every single knob, hose, handle; anything shiny. He loved it. After he said, "thank you" and took off his helmet and returned it to the table. We laughed and told him he could keep it.

We then went back to our respective houses to take naps and thought maybe later he could sit through the dollar theatre and see CARS 2. Well we messed up the times so decided to go to Roger's Garden late afternoon for pumpkins, some new house plants, and see if the train was set up in the garden area. (When we were home and that morning, Sophie was fine. Nothing to make me think anything was wrong with her). So we headed down to Roger's. Jack ran after the train several times and picked about 20 pumpkins; all different sizes for decorations at our house, Anni's house and Uncle D's house. After dropping Mom off at her house Jack and I went home.

Again all was normal. The dogs were jumping and barking for their dinner. I got Jack in his high chair and got his dinner first. Realizing I needed more dog food in the garage, went out and came back in to Sophie in what I thought was a seizure. Her head was stiff and thrown off to the left, then her back legs went straight but she was still standing. I dropped the food and ran to her. Got to my knees and grabbed her. I held her to me as hard as I could. She wasn't fighting me but her body was so stiff and she was panting and drooling. How I got to standing, I don't know. I got to the kitchen, dialed Mom and put it on speaker. I screamed for her help. Now Jack is talking, TV is on, Pearl is still barking, so I got outside to hand her off to Mom. I'm still supposed to not lift anything over 10lbs and Sophie is about 20lbs. Again, I got to my knees and just sat on the driveway until Mom showed up. She had deficated on me; I didn't know and I didn't care. Again, I pulled myself up, holding her (I don't know how) and handed her off. I got back inside and called critical care. Good news is my other pug has Addison's disease so we are at this clinic every month for a shot so she doesn't go into a coma. If the girls there don't know me, they all know Pearl. So I called and they got a chart ready. Gave them her history, medications and how I found her. And then I prayed. And waited.

My chest was red from Sophie scratching and it burned like hell. I cried and prayed as best I could away from Jack. But he knew something was wrong. He came over to me on the couch, held my arm, put his head on my shoulder and said, "Oh Mommy." After what felt like eternity Mom called. The doctor believed that she may be suffering from vestibular disease, common in older dogs but could not rule out neurological.

Long story short (I know too late), Sophie did come home today. We still need to do an MRI and make sure it isn't her brain. And again, good news, we know the best vet neurologist because Molly, Mom's beloved Shi-poo has epilepsy and Dr. Hanson is her doctor. But the vestibular disease can mimick a seizure but symptoms can last up to 4 weeks or more. So Sophie's head stays up and her eyes twitch. She is disoriented so she cannot jump on anything. She's on meds and I'm just trying to keep her quiet.

We had also promised Jack today that Uncle D would take him to another pumpkin patch with rides and animals and of course more pumpkins. So we did go this a.m. I just took pictures. The doctor felt Sophie would be fine to go home today but continued follow up this week so I felt more comfortable continuing with our plans. Mom took me to pick up my girl. But when I woke up this morning I felt as if I had taken 50 steps back. Again, my back killed, chest burning. It was the grace of God that let me handle her and get up off the ground 3 times with her, holding onto nothing. And then Mom....heel pain and all, got her there probably in record time where they immediately got her on oxygen, IV's and meds. And then my Mom sat for hours with her foot burning, calling with updates.

We've all been through so much, I couldn't lose my Sophie. We all just continue to rally. Mom and I are particularly exhausted but like always we are there for each other. She dropped everything for us, as she always does especially in an emergency. Darren was also here this weekend and was a huge help with Jack. Each of us has 2 dogs and they are apart of our family. That's just how we are.

As I sit here in the quiet tonight, Jack is asleep. Pearl is next to me on the couch snoring. Sophie just walked out of my room, head held high (kind of regal) and layed down in her bed in the family room and I'm taking a deep breath. I have the best little family ever and we all have a shit load of pumpkins!

I will have to get used to Sophie's "new Look." I will take care of ALL my babies for as long as God allows me to and to the best of my ability. Which right now is quite difficult. I think Mother Teresa once said, "God never gives you more than you can handle....I just wish HE didn't trust me so much." Kinda feeling this now.

Tonight I'm grateful for a quiet, peaceful home with all my babies. My brother, the doctors and staff that helped Sophie, Jack for being such a good boy as his mother panicked, and last but certainly not least....MOM.

Enough is enough for now. Back to healing. Lesson this weekend; still need patience; need to handle stress better.

Good night,

Janeen, Sophie, Pearl and Jack

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Bonnie Brown said...

Wow, I was holding my breath reading through this one. I remember well what it's like having an older, sick dog and wondering every day when you leave him (or her), what will happen. I am glad Sophie is home and feeling better. How about you? Looks like you are moving along in the right direction. Keep on that path, but be gentle with yourself about your progress. It's not a race. Every phase is important.
Will be in touch later in the week about getting together next week. Keep sharing your journey. I learn something when I read it, about you yes, but also about myself.