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Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 12, 2010

One year ago today I got my BRCA results. What a difference a year makes. My Mom was in Hawaii and I was walking into Hoag to see a genetic counselor.

A year has already gone by and I'm already 2 months into the healing part from my surgery. I met with D. Orringer last week and we are already in talks for my next surgery. I will wait until the first part of the new year. It may be a 4-6 hour surgery. Won't even try to compare the two procedures. I was feeling a little blue for various reasons, but just feeling better and yet knowing I have to do this again, so soon. I knew going into this it would be about a year process total. And yet this year flew by.

Need to stay in the NOW. Count my blessings. Continue to embrace all the love I have received. Continue to love my Lovey and puggies. Thank God for my family and friends.

Again I am humbled by this experience, but it's not over. Gotta dig myself out of the blues when it hits. And if I have some trouble doing this, there's always Mom. I think my emotional ebb and flow is normal. I think having the periodic blues just goes along with the territory.

For all those continuing to stay in touch, I thank you.

Be well,


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