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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wow, what a Christmas we had this year.  Baby Nack was a little under the weather but he rallied and enjoyed himself with family and.....Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus!  Yep, Santa showed up at my house Christmas Eve early, the adults had just started eating, so Baby Nack entertained Santa and the Mrs. while we finished our dinner.  It really was very funny as we knew they probably didn't understand a thing he said.  I don't know how to drop in pictures so I will leave that for Janeen to share, but we took over 400 pictures that night. NO, you don't need to look at all of them but we did get some keepers.

There was so much joy. So many reasons to rejoice and celebrate the birth of Christ.  We were on a tight schedule due to mass being at 9:00 p.m. so we let Jack open his gifts from Santa and off to church we went.  He was tired and mass started....and after the opening prayer the congregation says " Amen ".  The priest goes over to sit down, you could hear a pin drop and Jack yells out, " aMEN".  The whole church started laughing and Jack was removed to the children's quiet room. Christmas mass is always my favorite part of Christmas Eve since I was a child, so sitting in church that night my 2011 Christmas Eve was completed and it was a huge accomplishment. All the work gone in to making the house a Christmas wonderland was worth it.  Christmas morning we went to Janeen's. Jack was still not feeling very good but again he rallied until finally he said, " mommy, to much".  He was done opening presents and I don't blame him.  It was way to much, note to self and all family members.  Grandmoe, BoBo, Uncle D and myself went our merry ways only to gather once again Christmas night at Darren's house.  You guessed it, more gifts to open and again Jack said, " Anni, to much ". All the Christmas pit stops looked amazing and the food delicious but over kill on the gift giving for Baby Nack.  Donations will be made this week to children less fortunate. 

I wish to thank all of you who remembered us in your own special way and tell you that I love you and wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I also ask please continue praying for Janeen.  The start of the new year also means to us, another surgery is that much closer.  Maybe, if you find a spare moment you'll pray my damn foot will heal so I can take care of Janeen and Jack.  I'll keep you posted once the ball is in motion again.  Til then, stay healthy, happy and help somebody in need.  Great way to start a new year.

Love to all,

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