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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Questions, Questions,Questions

Well I woke up today sobbing.  I have no clue if I was dreaming or awoke to the thought of my daughter being on the operating table for 18 hrs.  I freaked, something I try not to do as if I freak Janeen has an anxiety attack but Janeen was not here so I went with it.  My questions aren't, " how do I deal with the insurance company", or "will her breasts match?" or "how painful will her recovery be" etc....... No, I need to know if the surgery is 18 hrs. when and how do the doctors pee?  When do they eat?  Will they scrub up good each time they have to leave the OR?  How many doctor's will stay with her througout this long proceedure?  Do anesthesiologists change or take turns?  I started praying.  I asked God to please remind the doctor's to wear catheters, go on IV drips for food sourse and never leave her. Then it hit me, even if everyone leaves the OR God will stay.  I don't know when nor how but I fell asleep, a deep sleep and woke up late as I had to get my little Molly (shiz-poo) to her neurologist.  I still don't have the answers to my questions but as the day goes on these questions aren't as important to me as they were at 6:00 AM this morning.

I also realized today that I have not mentioned that BRAC 1 and 2 genes also affect men.  This gene does not discriminate between men and women.  If breast cancer is in a male's history my advise is the same.  Talk to your doctor as you might save your own life.  Yes, men get breast cancer and of course ovarian cancer is reserved for women but prostate cancer would be your nightmare.  Family, friends and medical professionals all have their opinions but ultimately you all need to gather as much information you can then make a decision  and do what is right for you.  Make a decision you won't regret. Take a simple blood test!

That's all for today, God Bless!

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