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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still Here!

I'm home after a busy week end in San Diego with Darren.  It was a good diversion for me but Janeen never left my mind the entire time I was gone.  I know she has an up set stomach and I believe it is nerves.  She's  snapping at me and I'm trying real hard not to personalize it as I know she is not aware she's doing it. Like tomorrow we go to Beverly Hills to see Dr. Cole , her primary doctor then on to Dr. Orringer, her plastic surgeon and also the head surgeon on her team.  I know she is anxious before these appointments and feels I don't understand.  So, to you Janeen and our followers, " I get it".  I truly get it and I also become anxious. I know that Janeen did not sign up for this.  Who in their right mind would?  Truthfully, I didn't sign up for this either however this is the hand that has been dealt and the journey must be completed. Second thought, motherhood automatically signs you up for a lot of surprises throughout our lives but we are still here and we do what we can, right moms out there?  I'm exhausted so this is a short hello but I would like to share with you a verse my neighbor Karin sent me tonight.

"They do not fear bad news - they CONFIDENTLY TRUST in the Lord to care for them (Janeen).  They are CONFIDENT and FEARLESS and FACE THEIR FOES triumphantly!"  I like that so on that note goodnight and please remember Janeen in your prayers.

Ciao, Barb

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