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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Many have been asking how to post a comment or experiencing trouble.  This should clear up any confusion.

  • To post a comment, click the "0 Comments" button at the end of the Post.  It may say "1 Comment", etc....its usually in orange or red highlight.
  • Write your comment when the white box appears.  (Comment must be written first)
  • Then select a profile using the drop down menu.
  • Select NAME/URL.
  • Type in your Name and leave URL blank.

You may be asked for a SECURITY WORD, which you just retype in the box given.  (This filters out SPAM from the Internet)

Your comment should now be posted.  Hope this helps.  If any questions, please email myself at



Barb said...

Thank you so much for explaining how to comment. You do make it sound so easy and I do not have a problem commenting. Hope all of you reading this blog will attempt again to send Janeen a message.
Love to all,
Mom, Babs & Anni

Gay Hanna said...

Dear Friend:
I know that the next few days hold a huge amount of tension. I so wish I could wave a wand and put it all behind you, but since I cannot do that I will just say that you are not alone nor is Janeen. First and foremost GOD is with each of you. He has also seen to it that there are many others who are there for you in whatever way you need them. I was reading your entire blog again last night and spent a good deal of the night thinking of you. I loved the pictures of your family and could not help but feel the love. I know there have been many bumps in the road in the past, but now is now and I could only sense love and caring. I have been blessed to be your friend for 39 years (yea since we were in our cradles) and while you have had many challenges in life you always rose to meet them. It was far from easy many times, but you some how managed and you will manage now. I have no doubt about that. You know, I used to feel that some of the things GOD put in our life were there as tests, but as I have aged I now think that perhaps they are reminders to us to live each day to it's fullest and to always tell those we love how much they mean to us. We are not sure of act today. Good Morning American had a rather fun thing on the other day where they asked various people for the three words they tried to live by. I thought for a while and decided I had two groups of three words...first was LOVE ONE ANOTHER and the second was KEEP THE FAITH. What would yours be? Just keep the faith, dear heart and know any burden shared is made lighter. You have many sharing your burden. I love you so very much and thank GOD HE put you in my life and that I have had the good sense to keep you there. I will say many prayers for each of you during the next few days. I, too, have had a recent scare with my Amy and know how difficult it is to keep the tears away and the brave smile on your face. You will do it and so much more. Give Janeen and Jack a hug for me and tell Darren that I am so glad that he will be there to hold your hand and add his strenght and love to yours. Please keep us updated through the blog when you can. My love and prayers are with you always, Auntie Gay and special love from Dave, too.

Monique said...

I have been thinking about you every day this week. You just pop in my head all the time during the day and night. I know that Monday is a very important day and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. You are so strong to be doing this not only for yourself but for Jack as well. I am always here for you and I look forward to coming over when you are home and visiting you all. Big hugs and kisses to you. XOXO Mo.
P.S. It is a miracle I finally figured out how to blog

Gay Hanna said...

Oh, sweet relief!! Can't tell you how glad we were to learn that surgery is behind Janeen and now it is upward and onward! Get some rest and that will help to hasten the recovery. With all of the love and prayers continuing we can hope the recovery will be a smooth one. Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. You are loved lots and lots. Gay and Dave

Danielle White said...

Thank goodness that Monday is behind you...I was thinking about you all day! On Tuesday I went to the all school mass at the girls' school-- I don't usually go (I know bad girl) but I thought I should attend and send some special prayers from Our Lady of Malibu Church!!
Sending you strength and healing Janeen!
Love to you and Jack!

This blog is amazing and so informative.
Thank you Barbara...
Like you Monique; this is the first time I have ever blogged-- I guess it is time for me-- my kids will be so impressed.

Danielle White said...

When can I come visit you???....