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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Janeen's Spirits Raised

It has been one hell of a week.  Janeen's expectations of herself so unrealisticlly high, one drain still flopping around or tucked into pants, not to mention the pain for which she will only take Tylenol so she can keep up with Jack.  It didn't help that I needed to remain off my leg as much as possible so I feel useless. But there is good news and I want to share.

Tomorrow we will go back to St. John's Hospital.  We will meet Janeen's doctor there after he gets out of surgery and I have scheduled a vascular study of my legs while we are there.  We're gonna kill two birds with one stone.  We'll each take our turn watching Jack while the other is being worked on, so how's that for organization? See, where there is a will there is a way!

The next good thing that happened today, Janeen heard from James VanPraagh, New York Times bestselling author of Unfinished Business, Ghosts Among Us, and Talking to Heaven.  We met him years ago at John Wayne Airport and we continue to run in to him here in Orange County as well as in Las Vegas.  He lectures and conducts seminars around the globe, one seminar in August Janeen and I attended.  Janeen has made reference to him in one of her earlier posts, but he wrote her today.  He couldn't figure out how to comment which still remains a problem for some but I want to share with you his message to Janeen.

Hi Janeen,
" I just got home from a working trip in Europe and now that I am in front of a working computer, the first thing I am doing is checking in with you.  Brian called me while I was in Italy and told me about your surgery.  I lit a candle for you in a little chapal on the Amalfi Coast.  I am sending you healing energy and lots of love and good wishes for a speedy recovery."  xoxo to my Vegas girl.

Janeen has followed James Van Praagh's Inspirational Quotes throughout her journey so it meant the world to her that he has sent healing energy her way and a candle burns for her in her beloved Italy.  This my friends put a huge smile on my daughter's face tonight.

A big Thank You to James from the other Vegas girl................Barb

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