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Monday, September 12, 2011

Surgery Update

It is now 4:45 pm and the OR just called and said Janeen was doing fine.  It has now been 8 hrs. and one breast is almost completed.  She has not lost very much blood but they are monitoring her platlets as they were low when they started the surgery.  The report indicated they were on schedule (no complications) and they were about to start the other breast.  They are shooting for a 10:00 pm completion time.  Let's pray that the last leg of this surgery continues to go smoothly.  I can hardly wait to see her.

Her dad went home and Darren and I were watching the football game until some douch changed the channel.  Janeen wants to wake up and know the score....Patriots vs. Dolphins.....remember she is doing Fantasy Football.  Score now is 14 Patriots,7 Dolphins.  She needs the Dolphins to win.

I am beat.  I need a pillow.  My eyes are having a hard time staying open right now. I missed breakfast, then I missed lunch,perhaps I can make it in time for dinner.  Everytime I go to the cafeteria they are cleaning up.  I've met some lovely people today and our conversations have certainly helped the day go faster and kept my mind occupied.  They have all offered to pray for Janeen.  I missed mass at 12:00 pm  as I didn't want to miss the doctor's update.  Mass is every day at noon, I have the rest of the week to go and give thanks and praise.  I really like this hospital and I like my hotel.  Shutter's looks like it just came out of a 1940's movie set.  Very charming.  The big bed there is calling to me but not til I see my little girl.  I lover her more than my luggage!  To be continued..........................................................


Darren J said...

Jack did arts and crafts today with Bobo and GrandMoe. He had a blast doing arts in his art studio which was in the garage of Annies house. He colored and drew and painted from what I gathered. He then went down for a nap. Its 5:20pm and still in the waiting room watching the football game until a rude man changed the channel to the news then isnt eve watching it. Go figure......LOL

Jessica Drew de Paz said...

Can't stop thinking of all of you!!! So, so glad to read the update and hear that all is going well. It sounds like there are three more hours to go. I will send warm wishes the entire time.

And now, we are interrupted for an important update: New England 31 Miami 17 - 8:48 remaining in 4th.

XO, Jess

Jessica Drew de Paz said...

New England 38 Miami 24 - Final

Kim said...

Well Reggie didnt quite pull it out for us this time but we'll forgive him =)