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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday the 15th

Where do I start?  I'll go back to  last night around mid-night I made an executive decision to up grade Janeen's  room to V.I.P. Status.  Yep, the room is prettier and she has her own butler.  Her bed sheets have escalated from rash quality to 500 thread count and a lovely duvet.  The hospital sent flowers and a fruit basket which consisted of bananas.  Lot's of bananas.  She gets a menu now that differs from hospital menu and they also cook for me.  I could no longer sustain on candy and bagels.  The cafeteria is so far from her room my old legs said no more......the food needs to come to us. So now Mom is happy and Janeen is happy.  We sit in our Barker Loungers and we look like the odd couple.

Now the good news.  Biopsy report came back NO CANCER was found!  We were so happy to hear that news.  Also, today her catheter, three drains, IV and her pain pump.....All OUT!  She now walks the hall and is able to manage the bathroom on her own.  Her doctors and nurses are in shock. Looks like the schedule I sent out is a little off but I think only by one day.  I am guessing she will go to Serenity House on Saturday.  That's the plan tonight and I don't foresee any change in her return home date.

I was suppose to be home today and relieve my sister and her husband of grandparent duties but I couldn't leave Janeen. They agreed I needed to stay here as Jack is having a blast with them and Janeen was not remotely ready for Jack.  So I spent today with Janeen and tonight she is in a much better place in regards to pain and mobility.  Tomorrow I will come have breakfast with her then head home, go to her house and check  things out, then grab Jack and be back at the hospital hopefully for dinner.  A family dinner @ St. John's Health Center.  Then I take Jack to the hotel with me.  That is going to be interesting, a whole new chapter but I'll report on that as those experiences unfold.

Gotta go I'm being summoned for a photo op!  Then I am going to head back to Shutter's.  I will get to bed early tonight tomorrow is another long day.

Taking care of Janeen has been such a pleasure.  She is an extremely good patient even when she is in extreme pain.  Yes, a real trooper.

Good Night, Barb

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