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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday The 14th

I am in Janeen's hospital room and she is watching Dr. Oz.  She has no idea what I am doing. So, now the update:

She has been up twice today.  Yep, with all those tubes she gets up and I am so proud od her. We changed her in to one of those gowns she didn't want to bring (remember that post earlier) and she looks wonderful.  She had her first solid food 1/2 bagel from the cafeteria. Tomorrow she will walk to a chair and sit up for a while.  I've been taking pictures but I don't think it would be nice for me to post them as she still doesn't know about this blog.  All in time.  Everyone here is so sweet, no complaints from either of us.

Her breasts are doing great.  Fantastic blood flow, in fact when they do the doplar it is so loud.  I do believe they are surviving the transplant.  I think by now there would have been signs of trouble.  I have missed the doctors every day but they would have called me if they saw a problem.  She is much more alert today but she needs to go to sleep.  I'm going to leave and come back later....maybe she will fall asleep if I just leave. To be continued.............Barb    


Anonymous said...

OMG this is wonderful news, you have all been through so much, Janeen is a trooper I knew it!
Prayers still going out to you.
Luv, Deb

Anonymous said...

So happy to read all the great updates! Sending all my love and prayers!

Jessica Drew de Paz said...

What great news. I know it is an incredibly trying time, but I am thrilled that everything is going as well as possible. I'm sure you are missing sweet Jack, and counting the days until you are home. Sending positive vibes you way . . .