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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blog Problems Believed To Be Fixed

To all of you who have tried to leave comments on Janeen's blog and were unable to do so, I believe Darren has solved the problem. Blogspot added a new spam filter system on their service and it was not compatible with the way we set up this blog originally. So, now when you wish to comment, hit the word comment under the new posting and you will get a pop-up space to say whatever it is that you wish to say. Type your comment, add your Name Only in the space provided (leave URL vacant), preview/edit and you should be good. Good Luck!!!!

Today Janeen and I went bra shopping. Not for your regular sexy bra but not a boulder holder either. We found the perfect mastectomy bra for her and it is really pretty. The one we bought at St.John's upon discharge was ugly and just hung on her. Swelling has gone down and she has lost weight so the utility bra was useless. So she was fitted today with a proper fitting bra and belly band. These articles allow her to stand up straighter and give her the support she has been lacking. It is my belief that some of the burning she is experiencing is due to slouching in order to protect herself and her muscles are screaming for her to relax. I think a good Martini and a Xanax accompanied by her new under garments and she will feel much better.

About Me.....infection in left leg is slowly going away and I learned today I have two heel bone spurs, one in the bottom of my heel and the other in the back of my heel. These are on my right foot. So this is why I can't walk. Looks like more foot surgery for me...someday?/!@

Thank you Jess and Maxine for dinner tonight. It was so appreciated and helped both of us out more than you'll ever know. We're both losing weight. Janeen doesn't care about eating and I can't get to the food. What a pair we are but I wouldn't change a thing even if I could.

Pistol Pete (Jack) spent the night with me last evening. He cried, he wanted to come home with me so badly. He said to Janeen, " mom, go to your room and rest!" " I'm going home with anni". We got home and he ran ahead to my bed and by the time I hobbled in there, he was sitting in my bed and said, " let's party!" I swear to you I thought I was going to die laughing. What would Janeen and I do without Baby Nack???

Love to all and we hope to hear from you when you have time to keep in touch.


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Jessica Drew de Paz said...

I'm happy to hear the bra shopping was a success! Also glad that dinner helped. I showed up at Max's to cook with her today, and she had already done the bulk of it. We love you, and look forward to when life is feeling better for you. It sounds like Jack is the best medicine of all. :-)