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Friday, October 7, 2011

Letter to BRCA

Dear BRCA,

I'm Janeen,a new client of yours. Was just wondering, you've taken my breasts, my nipples; you'll be taking my fallopian tubes and ovaries this enough for you? I mean with all the other cancers that I am at risk for because of a BRCA2 gene mutation, I think this is enough. I know I've had you all my life but we really just got acquainted almost a year ago. So you got that too, my time. We both know you'll have me for about another year, but then we are done.

Oh I'm not forgetting my many blessings, but can't help that I've been feeling a bit pissed off. Hear me loud and clear, you don't get the right to mess with my future.

I think you have destroyed many people's lives. I also think you wake people up. I get it, I'm awake! And I believe with Gods grace I will soon be done with you. Oh, I know you'll be with me forever, but I will not give you anymore pieces of me. You will not cloud my heart and my mind. You're not worth it. You've caused enough pain, both physical and emotional to me, my family and my friends.

Maybe now I can have a peaceful sleep. Feels good to get that off my chest, no pun intended.




Kim said...

Have to say the no pun intended - off your chest is pretty funny =)

Wendy said...


You have a huge heart for others and your honesty and courage shine through in your posts. I find myself checking in with you often to see how you are doing. It must have felt great to write this official break up letter to BRCA and to begin the process of letting go of it. The love that I read flowing between all of your family is amazing and will be a lasting parting gift from this BRCA did not get the better of you. Hope you are getting some sleep. Bless you!