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Friday, January 13, 2012

Surgery #2

The date is set for Janeen's second surgery.  That will be February 16, 2011. When I called Dr. Orringer's office I said the week of the 13th is looking good on this end.  Ana Marie called late today after securing an operating room, and says " ok girls, it's a go for February 14th ".  Janeen freaked and said " no I can't, I want to be here for Jack on Valentine's Day". So, she called the hospital and confirmed the 16th @ 5:00 a.m.  JANEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!  It's ok, she should be allowed to choose her own surgery date.  I will send Ana Marie flowers and thank her for her understanding and patience. This surgery will complete the reconstruction of her new breasts and I am hopeful make Janeen feel better about her appearance.  I have not made arrangements for the other accommodations but we will go up to Santa Monica the night before since her surgery is so early the next day.  The surgery is expected to be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours and she will transfer to another facility that night and I will be able to stay with her.  If all goes well, I can bring her home on the 17th.  That's the plan.

Don't you want to hear about me?  Well I'm getting ready.  I'm in a wellness program where by I get Immune Deficieny drips (vitamins, glutathion (?), all he B's etc.) in an IV Mon., Tues., and Wed leading up tp her surgery. I found a laser that is helping my foot.  Yes, I'm still lame and/or limping around going on 6 months. I have only had 2 treatments but I am seeing results FINALLY and I will start up again with that treatment next Tuesday. So I live at the clinic these days because I simply cannot disappear on Janeen again when she comes home. Jack is now in school two mornings a week, swimming one morning, and then his park playtime. I have spoken to a friend who is a caterer and she wants to take care of all meals and she gets no arguement from me.  My sister and her husband will hold down things here while Janeen and I are in Santa Monica and get Jack from point A to point B on the proper day. I learned from last time I did not have enough back up plans in place. Who would of thought I would become lame. Let me just say, heel spurs and plantar fascitis really sucks. I've purchased and have been gifted 12 pairs of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen and I wear them.  Once in a while one pair will bring me an hour or two of some pain relief.  If any of you reading this comes down with my medical problem, please call me, I know where to send you.

I will do my best to keep the blog up dated and any comments I will be able to access for Janeen from my little arsenal of electronics.

In my heart I hold you all very dear, just knowing so many people care is so comforting.  My weeks ahead and Janeen's are filled with doctor's appointments.  I go to hers, she goes with me to mine.  We're like peas and carrots.  If you don't hear from us check the blog and just know we love you, we are just very busy coordinating everything. Jack just goes with the flow.  I guess you could say we are like peas, carrots & carrot!


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