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Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, Janeen is busy getting her doctor's appointments completed before her surgery.  She needs to see Dr. Orringer for her pre-op and Dr. Cole for a blood draw and then it's a go.  She is anxious about this surgery, she just wants it done and she is staying busy which is a good thing.  I think her head is in a good place and I will be able to stay with her in her recovery house this time.  No running back and forth from hotel to hospital to recovery house.  I'm staying put right by her side.

She had Jack call me the last night, only for me to hear I was going to Milwaukee.  I said, " I don't want to go to Milwaukee" and I could hear Janeen cracking up in the back ground.  She took the phone and said, " no you are going to Maui"!  She just booked me a week holiday before her surgery so I leave on Feb. 2nd and return on Feb. 9th.  A quick trip but she wants me totally rested so I don't bail on her this time.  My foot is better one day then it flares up again.  My doctor told me to go to Westminister and go to a nail salon and find someone to rub my foot gently for an hour and try to stay off of it as he cannot laser it anymore for two weeks.  I told him I'd rather go to Maui and have my feet rubbed, told Janeen this story and she booked it.  So, I'm going ! I will sleep, swim, spa and read all with my foot elavated and oh, yes daily foot massage out by the pool.  Sure hope it works cuz I'm going to be really busy when I bring Janeen home.  Getting away does sound good but MILWAUKEE, YUCK !  Now Jack wants to go to Maui with me so I promised him we'd all go over for Thanksgiving.  He got so excited and he has no idea where or what Maui is.  We also might try Ulani ( Disney Property) on Ohau.  It is just fun to once again think travel instead of doctors and surgeries.  A family trip is long over due.

So this is the latest news, life is good for me and my little family.


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