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Monday, February 13, 2012


Packing is completed and only have to run a few errands before Janeen and I head out.  Janeen came over this morning with Jack and Starbucks in hand, and she looks like she has not slept in days.  She is so nervous and I cannot do anything or say anything that will give her peace of mind.  She certainly is not ready for this proceedure but it has to be done.  There will never be a good time, so now is as good as any.  Hopefully, she will be so druged she won't remember the first night and next day.  She has no recall of the last surgery until the second day.  This time by then we will be on our way home.

We've tried to prepare Jack as much as possible.  He has become very clingy to both of us.  He knows mommy and Anni are going to LA again to fix mommy's boobies.  He made us promise we would come back.  He once again will stay busy with my sister and her husband and they will do fun things with him.  He got a new Mater-Tryk for Valentine's Day and boy does he think he is something.  He's anxious to ride it to the park, Anni's park.  Jack will be so busy, we will be home before he can miss us.

Ms. Janeen will come home and do nothing but rest.  I mean nothing!  She needs to let her body heal and her mind and trust in God.  He will watch over her in surgery, I truly believe this, and He will walk beside her during the healing process.  Knowing how God works brings me comfort, strength and yes,
peace.  I don't always understand how God works but I do trust in Him.  Without Him what would one do?  How would all of us handle life's challenges, our failures, our fears, our relationships, our lives?  Boy, God is a very busy watching over all of us.  How lucky we are to be children of God.

Today is just another gift from God, rain and all.  I thank Him for today and I thank Him for all of you who are following Janeen's journey after all these months.

God Bless You All!....................................Barb

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Darren said...

You are in my thoughts and heart today and each day. As I told you this weekend, your surgery is on Valentines Days, a day of love, a day of hearts, a day of angels, and day of peace. All these things YOU HAVE.
You are in great hands and youll do fine with this next surgery. You have already beat the last one and survived with flying colors. I hope to see you soon.
LOVE YOU and Always good thoughts,