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Saturday, February 11, 2012


I've returned from a fabulous trip with my sister to Maui.  Oh, how I needed last week.  I did NOTHING!
The Art Of Doing Nothing is so profound.  While I was relaxing and having fun, Janeen was home holding down the fort and finishing her pre-op appointments as well as her annual check ups needed to monitor her ovaries.  She does bloodwork, ultrasounds and sonograms.  She called me so upset as they found polyps in her uterus.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with her BRCA 2 gene issue, it is a female issue anyone can get but her doctor says it has to be removed and the sooner the better.

Folks, while I was gone, Janeen's surgery was changed from February 16th in a hospital, to February 14th, ( Yep....Valentine's Day ) in a surgical center.  The reason being, her doctor would have to rush the surgery in a hospital and he could take more time in a surgical center.  HELLO !  Of course he is going to take his time and get it right.  The 14th is this Tuesday....when do these doctor's think that polyp is coming out.  So many changes need to be made.  When a doctor changes direction, after care needs to be changed. child care, dog care for 4 dogs at two different residences, marketing. food providers, and all Valentine's Day plans cancelled.  Janeen is a nervous Nelly and I don't blame her one bit. But, I'm home and rested and will take over all the changes and she is to relax until we leave for LA on Monday.  Her surgery is now scheduled for 8:00 am and should last approximately 6 hrs.  She will be transferred to Serenity House where she will stay monitored and I am able to stay in her room with her.  Depending on how she handles this surgery determines when she will come home to my care. Hopefully, two days and I'll bring her home.  I will keep you all posted via this blog.

I have to laugh...are you ready?  Serenity House just called and asked me if Janeen and I were going to share the same bed. OMG!!!!  I said NO. she gets her own bed I'll sleep on the couch.  It's $350 extra a night for me to stay with her,  I want my own rollaway.

Maui was very healing for me.  My foot is not completely healed but I can walk and I am up for the challenge of caring for both Janeen and Jack.  I flunked Valentine's Day so for all of you who usually receive a card or little something from me, I love you I simply ran out of days.  Rejoice in the love you have for yourself and share that very love with all of those you come in contact with.  I'll be thinking of you while waiting for Janeen to come out of surgery and please pray for my girl on this day that all goes well.

To all my Valentines......Ciao!    Barb

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