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Thursday, May 10, 2012



I just wanted to extend a Mother's Day greeting to all of you mom's out there who are following our blog.  With all of our trials and tribulations we ladies can stand tall and give ourselves a pat on the back for the incredible work we do.  A woman's day is never done, but I hope this Sunday each and everyone of you will take a moment for yourself and give yourself credit for doing the hardest job in the world, that being a MOM.  It is also the most gratifying job but we often lose ourselves in the care giving of others. If you are one of the mom's who has undergone multiple surgeries this year ( or even one ) be patient, the old you will resurface again.  You simply need more time and our prayers and thoughts are still with you.  Remember how blessed you are while eating the burnt pancakes, soggy cereal and cold coffee on Sunday morning.  All these efforts come from a loving place so put a smile on your pretty little face and know we are all celebrating in the same way with you.

God Bless Us All!
Barb ( Janeen's Mom )

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Kim said...

The hardest but absolutely best job is the world - being a mom =)