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Monday, September 19, 2011


Tomorrow around noon Janeen and I will say good-bye to all doctor's, nurses, Serenity House and Santa Monica.  The doctor's released her as of today and she is most anxious to get home.  I held up the return home date as I really needed a day for me and I felt terrible but Janeen understood and so tomorrow will become the big day.  We have only spoken by phone today but she is getting off almost all of her drugs, I think for pain she is only managing it with Tylenol and Ambein to sleep.  All the other meds are up-
setting her stomach.  Two drains have to stay in until next week when we will come back here for a check up and they will take the drains out at that time.  She's going crazy without a shower, a sponge bath daily just doesn't cut it.  When I go to Serenity House tomorrow we are going to get her hair washed and that will make her feel better.  

Tomorrow night she will be in her own bed with Jack and her beloved Sophie & Pearl. She wants to see her girls as she has also missed them terribly.

My daily devotional has helped me so much. I like the following:  Trust ME and refuse to worry, for I AM YOUR STRENGTH AND SONG.  You are feeling wobbly this morning, looking at difficult times looming ahead, measuring them against your own strength.  However, they are not today's tasks-or even
tomorrow's. So leave them in the future and come home to the present where you will find Me waiting for you.  Since I AM YOUR STRENGTH, I can empower you to handle each task as it comes.  Because I AM YOUR SONG, I can give you Joy as you work alongside Me.

One day very soon, this blog will be turned over to Janeen.  I will be staying at Janeen's for some time, maybe 6 weeks, we will both need to pull strength from God's love for us.....two very strong women under the same roof and one adorable little boy.  That's going to be another whole different story and Janeen can write that one.  One thing i know for sure, both of us are bursting with gratitude for all our many blessings.

Good-bye for now.........Barb

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Kim said...

I love that - I am your strength & song. So true.

Babs you are a trooper. I wont speak for Janeen but i know your love & support was HUGE in aiding her through this whole process & will continue to be.

Glad you girls are home.

CW, Kim