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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tag Team - I'm It !

Isn't Janeen incredible?  Do not let ANYONE say to you " that women aren't the stronger sex".  Her recovery has amazed all the doctor's and me and yes, Janeen too.  I only lasted one and a half days with her once we got home.  I ended up with a  nasty leg infection which planted me on my back, leg elevated and antibiotics.  Janeen has been on her own cooking, cleaning and chasing Jack.  Jack gets on a step stool to get in  and out of his bed and up on the changing table.  She made my signature soup Friday. I was going to make it for her.....yes, she's cooking for me also.  It wasn't suppose to go down like this, I am the one who is suppose to do the taking care of.  She measures and cleans her own drains and is wearing clothes now so she can pin her drains to something instead of them hanging.  Yep, Jack has seen her body.  He was speechless then said, " mommy's balls " and ran out of the room.  He continues to crack us up.

I took breakfast (Mcie D's) this a.m. and brought Jack home with me so Janeen could get some much needed rest.  For all of you that are anxious to see her and visit, she really needs some more time.  Perhaps towards the end of next week.  Hopefully, her drains will come out Monday but the output as of this morning was still too high.  So we have to wait and see.  Her spirits are great, way better than I had anticipated, and I think she is gorgeous, but then I always have found her beauty to be in abundance.  God threw away the mold after He made her.  How blessed I have been to be the one chosen for her to call Mom.

We will get through this recovery time together.  Setbacks cannot stop us.  We are family, we are strong and we know what it is like to Love and be Loved.  Thank you all again for your help, you've been awesome teachers and I will cherish each and everyone of you always.

Love to all,

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kim said...

Oh Barbara! Your poor leg and what timing huh?! But isnt that always how it works. I hope you are feeling better soon. Janeen seems to be recovering really well. I know she feels like crap but its great to hear "mommys balls" (hilarious) are recovering well.